My Kind of Vacation

A friend of mine is currently on vacation and posting pictures of a lot of the things she’s encountered. I haven’t been on vacation, well, ever. I mean I lived in California and we went to the beach a few times, but a formal vacation? No. My husband and I have never even gone on a honeymoon. I just can’t afford a vacation. Granted, I know there are mini vacations that aren’t far from home or many are taking “staycations”, which is a vacation where you stay at home, but go out and do things together in your town. Truth be told, I don’t like vacation. I hate staying away from my home for any length of time. The idea of not sleeping in my own bed isn’t appealing, at all. Even when I visit my family, I want to come back the same day. Thankfully, we don’t live too far from each other, so driving two hours to get home, isn’t an issue. I don’t ever want to be away from my kitties, except for maybe a few hours, but definitely not for a week. But, I know I’m in the minority. Most people dream about a vacation on the beach and time away from their daily life. But going to the beach sounds like torture for me. I hate the heat and hate being in the sunshine. I’m much more of a Fall person and enjoy cool days and even cooler nights. Perhaps a trip to the NorthEast would be fun in the Fall.

However, a vacation is not in the finances, for a very long time. Nor is it a priority for me. But, I thought about the things at home that I really enjoy and can feel like a “vacation” to me. Perhaps vacation isn’t the right word, but I think it’s important to focus on the things you enjoy while at home, so you can make it part of your routine. For example, I love candles. I always have a candle burning. There’s something soothing about it and calming. I don’t buy expensive candles, but love a bargain. When Target clearanced their Christmas Glade candles, I bought them all; all 24 of them! They were half of their original price, so it was a steal. Plus it was my favorite scent of cinnamon apple. So burning a candle is not only comforting, it helps make my home smell nice. Years ago I bought a candle holder that has a design on it, so when a candle is lit, the design is flickered onto the wall, which gives the room some ambiance.

To really enjoy my day, I have to have certain food items. Like mints and gum! Yes, these are weird things to desire, but I must have them! I also enjoy my carbs, like the jalapeno chips I get from Whole Foods and Daiya cream cheese and bagels, yum. I know it’s awful for you, but I also must have my diet coke. I don’t enjoy alcohol, so diet coke is my vice. I also enjoy having my TV. Yes, I’m a TV junkie and there are shows I just love to watch. Specifically, almost any show on HLN. I love watching court trials and every night I watch Nancy Grace. I’ve recently also started to watch Jane Velez Mitchell’s show. I love watching the on the case show, which highlights the daily court drama that they’re covering. I also get twitter updates from various news and court feeds, because I love to be kept updated to all the breaking news!

Every day I like to “dress up” in semi cute clothes. In no way do I dress up like I’m going out on a date. But, I like to feel like I look “cute”. I don’t want to be frumpy, even if I’m wearing yoga pants, I can always put on a cute top. I always, always, have my nails painted. This is something I do at least once a week. I love having painted nails and love playing with color. A perfect day is a day I receive one of my makeup subscription boxes! It’s a great feeling getting your makeup box, like a special gift! It’s fun receiving makeup or nail polish straight to your door!

So, give me a cute outfit, polished nails, lit candles, my favorite snack foods and a TV, and we’re all set for my kind of vacation!