Finally Cut My Hair and Donated it to #LocksOfLove

I finally did it, I cut my hair and donated it to locks of love. After months, maybe a year, of debating on whether to cut my hair and whether locks of love was a reputable company, I finally went and got it cut. Like with many companies, you can google locks of love and find many articles claiming it to be a scam. For a while I debated whether I wanted to donate my hair, with hearing stories that LOL  made people purchase the wigs versus donating them. To be honest, I still feel like it’s a great cause, even if there are some, likely sporadic, issues involved. Overall, I want to believe that they are still providing a great service. It’s kind of like when you donate to the Red Cross. You never know exactly where your money is going or how it will be used, but you just have faith that it will go to help someone in need. Besides, I was due to get my hair cut, so I’d rather donate it on the hopes that it will help a child going through cancer vs. just throwing it away.

Besides donating to a great cause, I am hoping that having shorter hair will help me with my health issues. Having such long hair made me dread washing and drying it. I honestly put it off for as long as I could each week, because it was such a daunting task. Also, having to clip my hair up every day was starting to give me a headache because it was getting to be really heavy. My hair has been about the same since I was 5. Long, straight and typically a right of middle part. When I’m living a little on the wild side, I’ll tease it a bit, but that’s on special occasions. I much prefer clipping up the side with a bobby pin or tucking hair behind my ears. I’m a rebel when it comes to hair! When I started college, back in the late 90’s, I got my really long hair cut, but didn’t donate it to anyone. I honestly didn’t know too much about LOL. So I always regretted that and knew that, should I let my hair grow long again, I would vow to donate it. On a side note, I went to Great Clips and didn’t realize they were a participating branch, that will cut your hair for free, as long as you’re donating to LOL. They also gave me the envelope already addressed and included a donation form. That made it so easy, all I had to do was add my hair, fill out the form and add stamps!

Today is my first full day with my shorter hair. I must say, it makes me look younger and lighter! Long hair can be really pretty, but you have to want to take care of it. I much prefer having a quick, wash and dry, tuck behind my ears, kind of style. If you’re debating on whether to donate or not, I personally would rather donate on the chance that it goes for a good cause, versus throwing my hair away. But, make the choice that you feel best about!

Photo: #picstitch donated hair to #locksoflove. Not my best pics but love getting rid of that hair!!!