Purchased a new rug at the #Antique Mall

I’ve been posting a lot about my upstairs neighbor lately, so I’m going to stop doing that. It doesn’t bring me happiness, so it’s not worth focusing on. She hasn’t stopped being noisy and having late night cleaning activity, but I did learn she has lupus. After learning that, I have more compassion and I’m doing my best to be patient and accepting. I have good and bad days, but overall, it’s helping me to be happier in my home, which is priceless!

My husband I got out of the apartment last week and we went to our local antique mall. It’s a large mall with about 100 booths. We walked every aisle and almost the last booth, I found something I wanted! I am not the kind of person to purchase a rug from an antique mall, because, well, you just don’t know it’s back story. But, I just loved the rug and the price, $22, was just too great to pass up! We opened it up in the hall of the mall and could not see any stains or issues with the rug. I am so glad I went ahead and purchased it! It’s a much better color combo for my living room and is bigger than the one I had. I love it!

I love the neutral design and the red matches a red, chrome chair I have in my living room, so it pulls it together. My cats love it, it’s thicker than the previous rug, which we now put in my husband’s office. So it’s a win-win for both of us.

I love finding a great deal at the antique mall!