Dreaming about a Dream House

My husband and I are currently renting, in fact, I’ve always rented, since I’ve lived on my own at 19. While in college, I moved out on my own and have been until I got married in 2002. I’ve rented, but, like many Americans, my dream has always been to own my own home. I’m disabled and have always been a homebody, so having a home is very important to me. By home, it’s not just walls and floors, it’s more than that.  A home is full of love and intimate surroundings. Owning can give you even more of a closer feeling of “home”. I’ve gone back and forth over the years on whether I wanted to own or to be content in renting. There are definite pros and cons on both sides and I’m never 100% convinced either way.

However, we’re at a crossroads. Our current lease is up this September 1 and we have found a house online and fell in love. We have only viewed it online, so we know we could see it in person and just as quickly, fall out of love! But, it’s two hours away from where we are, located in my home town. We’ve discussed whether we wanted to live back home, which is closer to all of my family. We still need to apply for a loan and get approved. We are definitely in the early stages of planning for what and where we’ll be in the near future. All we know now, is that we have fallen in love with a house online and I’ve been day dreaming about it.

They say, if you visualize, you can make it come true. Let’s hope!

The House I’ve been Dreaming About!