To Reunion Or Not To Reunion

I’ve joined my senior class Facebook page, but I honestly don’t recognize many. Granted, we’ve all grown up and many have married, so I may not recognize their married name. But, I also don’t recognize their faces or even if they have their maiden names listed. Some of it could be due to my memory issues, thanks to fibro and RA. But, I wasn’t a fan of high school and wasn’t popular, at all. In fact, I hated just about everything to do with high school. I really don’t have any long term friendships from high school and quickly moved away, after graduating from my hometown’s college. I thought about moving back several times, to be closer to family. But, every time I consider it, there are many things that make me decide to stay where I’m at; which is about two hours away. I recently saw that we are approaching our 25th year anniversary, wow, don’t I feel old! Yep, I graduated in 1992, but they’re already talking about making plans for a reunion. I didn’t attend the other reunion, which I think was held for our 10 years. I really don’t remember many people and I don’t really think I’d have much to say.

Today I was thinking about it, and joked that it might be fun to go to the reunion with a “fake” life story. Like I’m a world traveler, or my husband is overseas and we’re so wealthy, living in the Hampton’s most of our time. I like to think I’d get my hair done up, makeup put on beautifully and possibly rent a nice car to arrive in. Since I didn’t attend the previous reunion, I have no idea what goes on at these things. I assume it’s a bunch of talks about kids and what they’ve done since they’ve last saw each other? I don’t have kids and I really don’t want to tell people that I’m legally disabled. I much rather like to keep that my own “secret”, granted, I say it on here, but I hate that look of, but you look just fine. I probably won’t attend and I’m ok with that. Maybe they’ll post pictures and I’ll still stare and wonder who the hell that was? For now, I’ll smile, looking at my graduation picture, thanking God above that I’m no longer in high school and far away from it.

I personally left that part of my life, far, far behind. Do you have any desire to attend your high school reunion?

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