Going with Plan B: Sticking with Renting

If you read my first post, you would know that I’ve been grappling with the idea of both moving to a new town and buying a home. After much thought, some of which was agonizing, we’ve decided, we’re not in a position to buy. Buying would be purely an emotional decision and completely reckless, as we don’t have the money for an emergency or even enough for a respectable down payment. Sure, there are possible loans that require low to no down payments, but I’ve been in debt since I’ve been 19 and don’t want to add more to it. Granted, who isn’t in debt? But I mean debt that’s not your typical expenses, like a car or student loans, which I have almost always had during that time. I mean debt like getting behind on almost every bill, except rent. I’ve been so behind on most of my utilities at one point or other that I’ve had shut off notices and once had the gas company at my front door, giving me an additional 10 minutes to make a payment or else I was being shut off. Or the bounced checks that nearly caused me to have my income garnished. Or the numerous credit cards that I accrued early in my twenties that still aren’t paid off to this day.

I don’t know exactly how this happened, I mean I “know” that I spent more than I had, living well above my means. I always was a saver. I vividly remember having a piggy bank and enjoying putting money inside versus taking it out. I honestly don’t spend much money today, except for paying bills. In all seriousness, most of the clothes in my closet are hand me downs from my mom. Since I don’t work, I don’t worry too much about my wardrobe, so that definitely helps my budget. I don’t buy makeup and I’ve never been a shoe addict, I wear slippers at home and rotate between 3 other pairs, should I leave home. We have a new flat screen TV because my husband won it, otherwise, I still have and use my 1988 TV, yes it works! My biggest expense are medical, which include prescription and doctor fees. I recently had to cut out seeing my rheumatologist because I just couldn’t afford to see her anymore; I’m hoping that once I get medicare, that will help my expenses, so I can return to her. Most of my furniture is from donations or second hand; my couch was my grandmothers, that I’ve have for over 12 years. Granted, it still “works”, I just have to live with the floral print! We were also given a new queen bed by our neighbor, who purchased it only 6 months ago, before his mom had to live in a nursing home, so we gladly accepted it.

There are a few expenses that I suppose I could cut back on, but are pretty important to me. I have UVerse Cable and it includes expanded channels, such as HBO and Showtime. Like I posted, I’m disabled, therefore I’m home almost all the time, so TV is a big “hobby” of mine. Granted, I was a TV-aholic prior to becoming disabled, but when the couch or bed becomes the two most common places you stay, then having a TV can help get your mind off of your condition. I also have a subscription to Netflix, which I justify because I enjoy watching documentaries and TV in bed. Another expense is my iPhone. I have seriously considered dropping the iPhone and going to a messaging phone. I do love having my iPhone and the apps. One of my favorite apps is the Walgreens app, which makes reordering my prescriptions a breeze. These are just two of my “luxury” expenses. We rarely go out to eat and I enjoy cooking, when I can.

I realize that as time goes on, we are slowly, but surely, getting more and more debt paid off. My home is one of the most important things to me. I am a homebody, so having a home that is comfortable is very important. I’d love to be able to afford new furniture and decorations so that I feel more content. But, I am grateful for what I do have. I am thankful that I even have a home and even more grateful for the furniture that we have. There are so many in worse situations and I know God has blessed me in many ways. So, right now, I think it’s smarter to focus on paying off our debt, getting caught up on our fixed expenses and slowly making home purchases that will last for a long time.

On a side note. Yesterday during my indecision regarding my move and buying a home, I decided to call in the radio show to Glynis McCants, the numbers lady. I had called her several months ago to inquire if she could tell me if I would be approved for disability. She did say that I would be approved, but also said that I would heal from my fibromyalgia and help others; I’m still waiting on that cure! I called her to ask about whether it’s a good time, based on numbers. to move. Do I believe in all of that? I don’t know. But I was willing to call and have an open mind. She was a bit confusing in her answer and I think she responded based on one of my answers. She said that my life path number and the numbers to my home town are identical, therefore, based on that alone, she said it was an even match. However, she did say that I am extremely private and independent, which is extremely true. She said that she wasn’t so certain that I would like to be that close to family; which I did say I had some reservations about, only because I’ve been moved away since I was 19, I’m 38 now. I just don’t know how I would be back in the smaller town. After I said that, she said for me to look outside of my town, which technically, I am 2 hours away. She also said, that right now is not a bad time at all to move. She also said that there are a lot of good deals in real estate, so it’s not a bad time to move. We did not talk about my finances at all. I have a feeling should I call in to Suze Orman’s show, I’d hear a big fat DENIED! So, I don’t really feel like calling Glynis was helpful, although she was very nice and I’m sure that number reading has a lot of benefits, it just didn’t help me in making any decision.

So, I write all of this to say, I am going to consider looking at other apartments in July, which is about a month and a half before my lease is up. That way we can look to see if we can find our “forever” apartment, specifically one that has a washer/ dryer inside the unit! Also, I would love to have my own bathtub to be able to take epsom salt baths for my muscles. However, moving is expensive as our bigger apartments. But, it never hurts to look. Sometimes, just looking, makes you appreciate what you have so much more.

Whatever the future holds, I feel confident that I’m making the best decision, at least, the best financial decision!