This Catlady has turned 40!

Yes, it’s true, I turned 40 this Summer and I don’t feel any different. Do we really feel any different when we get a year older? I joke that I feel like an 80 year old, but seeing my 80 year old neighbors get around, I might be feeling much older! I don’t put a lot of stock on birthdays, I’ve never been one to want a birthday party or big get together’s. I’d much rather order my favorite Thai food and stay home and watch episodes of Snapped or Dateline. Yes, I’m really 80! I did make some major changes this summer, including weaning off a medication that I hated taking to begin with. It was meant to control my chronic pain, but it honestly wasn’t making a huge difference. It was a really rough two months, but I’m proud I’ve come off it. I still take medications, but coming off that one was a big accomplishment. We also decided to stay put in our apartment. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’d know that we’ve had quite the drama where we are now, but financially, and the fact that my cats are happy here, weighed out the negatives, for now.

I’ve been occupying my time with a new “hobby” which is of trial watching. I’ve always had this fascination with trials and watching true crime shows, but now they allow cameras in many courtrooms and I can watch right from my TV. It’s like a soap opera, but real life drama. I’ve also listened to spreecasts about trials and follow many fellow trial fans on twitter. I’ve rekindled my love of baseball, specifically the St. Louis Cardinals, so I’ve been watching each of their games. I’m looking forward to football and basketball season; I just recently completed my fantasy football draft, go Maneaters! I’ve tried out new recipes and enjoy cooking, but I much rather cook during the Fall and Winter months, versus the Summer. I hate the Summer and heat!

My cats are all doing great. We still miss our beloved Woodrow, but our newest kitty, Minnie, has been a very welcome part of our family. Chase is still a bully, but he makes up for it with cute points by fetching a ball. My Tux is still my gentle giant. All of us have gotten older, but we’re still hanging in there. I’m still focusing on my health and may be getting together with a casual group of ladies, who also have fibromyalgia. It might be nice to meet with a group of ladies who share the same difficulties. I don’t get out of my apartment much, both because of chronic pain and the fact that I’m a homebody. It may be nice to force myself out every now and then.

This catlady is now 40, but I don’t feel that much different than 39.