My List of #Home #Decorations and Repairs for My Dream #Apartment

If you read my previous blog post, you’ll see that we are leaning towards remaining in our current apartment, for now. Still wrestling with the fact that my washer and dryer are in the basement, I’m willing to accept that, for now. I love the site I’m amazed how the creativeness of designers and regular apartment holders who have decorated their, often small, spaces to make the most beautiful and cozy home. Just because the site is titled, apartment therapy, it can provide a lot of useful information for people who live in a house. Typically, they give ideas for apartments that you’re not allowed to renovate and/or tear down a wall; so they help you get around that fact and create design options to deal with problem areas. Like I posted already, I have a mix match of furniture, much like I had while I was in college. Not that it’s bad stuff, it just doesn’t all tie in together. I have my grandma’s very bold floral printed couch and a Greek Key design rug. They clash, but I like each of them separately. My favorite design would be something you would see in a Paris Loft. Very French, yet modern and classy. I like to say that I’m granny chic, a bit of antique and second hand design feels just right to me. Oh, and I have like a very little budget.

So now I’ll create a list of decorations that I’d like to make in order to create my “dream” home. Like I’ve posted, I’m disabled, so i’m home nearly 90% of the time, so I crave a comfortable and cozy home. Since I’m on a limited budget, I realize that this may take some time, even a year or more. I’m also realistic. I know that I’m not going to be able to buy brand new “everything”, but I much rather go with second hand and antiques. That gives a home much more class. So, here’s my list, not in any order, to make my home my dream.

1. Get a neutral slip cover for my floral printed couch. My couch is at least 12 years old, but it’s still in great shape, but the print is very bold. I have seen some nice slip covers on amazon for under $60.

2. I’d like to buy a new couch. We currently have just the one floral print couch, but a second couch would provide more comfort for my husband and I to sit comfortably. The floral couch is more of a love seat, so a couch would be a great addition. I found one at my local discounted furniture store for under $400.  It’s a charcoal  color, very simple and classy.

3. I’d like a headboard for my bed. We had been sleeping on a regular size bed that was a hand-me-down. It was a great brand, but man was it firm, it was super, extra firm. When you have chronic pain, a super firm bed was pure agony! Our neighbor, who was an elderly lady, had just been moved to a nursing home. Her son, who had just bought her a new queen size bed just 6 mos prior, asked us if we wanted it. He said she rarely laid on it, as she preferred her recliner. So we definitely lucked out! But, we could really use a headboard to make the bed look good. Right now it’s just a floating bed. A headboard would tie it together.

4. I’d like a small stand with drawers and shelves to use for my flat screen. The flat screen is a 37 inch that my husband luckily won at a bowling tournament! Prior to that, we used my 1988 TV, and yes, we still use it and it works! Right now we have our flat screen inside a large entertainment center. The center is nice and has doors that slide inside on the sides so it’s covered up, but it’s bulky. Also, the TV sits so high up inside the center, it can really hurt your neck! So a new stand that’s more eye level will make it easier to watch and will also help clean up the room from the bulky entertainment center. (I’ll repurpose the center for storage in my dining room. I’ll just keep the doors closed and get some benefit from it.)

5. I’d like to get a larger more neutral rug. Right now I have a brown Greek Key design rug, but it’s really not big enough to cover much of the living room floor. Unfortunately, my cats have used it as their personal scratching post and it’s time is about it. We’ll reuse it in my husbands office. Having a larger rug will help because when we get the new TV stand, we will need to move it to a new wall, causing a cable wire to run across the floor. If we have a larger rug, we can cover up the cable.

6. I’d like to get a coffee table. I know it will end up being a “cat” table, but I like the look of a table with neatly stacked books with a storage place underneath. Also, it will be nice to rest your drink on.

7. I’d like to get an end table with a unique, funky, lamp. I want to put the new table in the corner between the two couches and have a cool lamp sitting on it. I wish I had the cool 60s lamps with the awesome lampshades that my grandparents used to have.

8. I’d like to find some interesting paintings/posters for my walls. I have some great artwork up, including some of my dad’s paintings, which are abstract and reminiscent of Jackson Pollack. But, I’d love to mix in some other pieces just to have an eclectic look.

Those are the “big” items that I would love to get to make my home more cozy. All of those items, except for the couch, can be bought from second hand stores or antique malls. I live just a few blocks from a large antique mall that I’ve bought one of the chairs I have in my living room. It’s a great red chair with chrome arms and legs, very retro looking. My mom found us a cute two chair dining room set for under $50 at this second hand furniture store in her town. I know that eventually we’ll get all of these items and I’ll be head over heels in love with my new home. I can’t wait!