Cat On A Leash

My apartment complex is shaped in a large U and in the middle is a nice green area where people sit, kids play and birds chirp away in the trees. Several times I’ve noticed a tuxedo cat roaming around on a leash! I know that there are leashes for cats, but I’ve never seen one in action. Today, I got to see this cat up close and personal. The owner was walking him and she noticed my Minnie in the window and asked if she was a Maine Coon, which she is. I told her to hold on and showed her my tuxedo cat; her cat on the leash is also a tuxedo. She laughed and brought her cat up to our window. I thought my brat, I mean cat, Chase, might growl, but he was a gentleman and just stared back at the cat. I don’t think any of my cats would ever tolerate being on a leash; I think they’re so used to being indoor kitties, that taking them outside would be a culture shock. But, they enjoy watching the other kitty getting his exercise.