#Downsizing to a Smaller #Apartment

Due to recent life events, my husband and I may need to downsize our apartment. We currently live in a two bedroom, one bath apartment that’s roughly 900 square feet. Granted, that’s not very big, although, plenty big for the two of us and our cats. We’re looking at downsizing to a one bedroom in order to save money. I know many people have downsized due to economic factors and it really makes you focus on what you need, versus having a lot of wants around. I am not a pack rat, never have been. I tend to get rid of stuff that I don’t use within a year and I’m not a big shopper. In fact, a lot of my furniture and clothes are hand me downs; I’m not too proud to accept donations! I’ve written before about my list of items I’d like to have in my home to make it feel more cozy. Now I’m focusing on what I need to keep and get rid of should we downsize.

Right now we have a dining room, but we don’t utilize it. When we eat, we typically sit in our living room. Occasionally, my husband will sit at the dining room table to eat, but it’s pretty rare. So, we could get rid of our table and chairs if there isn’t a spot for them; although, it’s a pretty small, round table with just two chairs, so it wouldn’t take up much room. I would like to get rid of the large, tall entertainment center. I’d like to get a smaller table with a shelf underneath, for my TV. Right now the big entertainment center takes up quite a bit of space and makes it harder to angle the TV differently because the TV is actually a little too big for the center. The TV now sits a bit crooked and we can’t turn it at all.

Our second bedroom is currently being used as my husbands office. Since his job is no longer a work from home position, he doesn’t need all of that space. However, it was really nice having his own area for his personal items, that I don’t really want in the main living areas. Nothing wrong with his signed football jersey or John Wayne picture, just not something I want to look at daily. The office also has his old and really run down recliner; it”s a huge eye sore. I’d love to get rid of that! He would need a space for his computer, so if our new apartment has a dining room area or enough room in the bedroom, I suppose we could find room for it. I think a room divider might be a good idea to keep it covered up.

Overall, it would be fairly easy for us to downsize because I don’t accrue a lot of stuff. We do have a few items in our basement storage that I want to go through. Most of it is just old paperwork that could probably be pitched. I vividly remember when I had my first apartment, as a single woman, when one of my friends came to visit, she asked where the rest of my “stuff” was. As I only had one couch and a TV on a stand in my living room. Granted, that was a bit too minimalistic, even for me, but I thought it was funny that she thought I wasn’t quite moved in yet. Downsizing definitely has its perks. Typically, moving to a smaller apartment means the costs will go down, including rent and utilities. Another plus is that there will be less to clean. It won’t take as long to clean a smaller home. If you follow the site, Apartment Therapy, they have been highlighting various small apartments, using the hashtag, #smallcool, on twitter. You can really make a beautiful space in little square footage. It’s all about positioning and using the height of the space as well. Also, keeping only specific items makes you focus on what you really love, versus having just a bunch of “junk” lying around that you keep just to fill up space.

We’re still in our lease until we pay our August rent, so we have time. A lot may change in that time frame, but right now, we are content with downsizing.