Add your Pinterest RSS to your blog!

Posted on August 24, 2012 by SARAH LONDON 22 Comments
This morning I added a feed of my most recent pins to the sidebar on my blog!

Here’s a quick tutorial in case you’d like to also.

This is the quick and easy way to install, for a free WordPress blog!

1. Locate your Pinterest rss.

2. Enter the text feed.rss as shown below.

3. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

4. Click Appearance –> Widgets.

5. Click on the FLICKR widget.

6. Ensure to fill out the ‘Title: space’. I simply entered a row of dots.

If you leave it blank it will automatically go to default ‘Flickr Photos’.

7. Copy and paste your Pinterest RSS url into the space provided as shown above.

8. Select how many ‘pins’ you would like to display.

9. Select the position of the widget re: sidebar.

10. SAVE widget.

Hey presto! Your most recent pins will now be displayed in the sidebar of your blog!

Hopefully in the not to distant future WordPress will offer a Pinterest widget, in the meantime enter via the backdoor and utilize the Flickr widget.

Happy Pinning!


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